In March 2022, Merino Consulting Services BV started its own Academy, of which we are very proud. Merino employees are given the opportunity to continue developing and improving their expertise and talents. We are very passionate about strengthening not only our employee’s but also our customers’ skills and knowledge. Merino Academy offers three distinct training programs, each having different purposes and target groups.




The first one is a traineeship for our newly joined employees who have no or little experience with ERP Infor LN, IFS, consulting, and the industries Merino is in. We are striving to train our young professionals to become high-quality consultants and experts the market is looking for.




Secondly, giving our experienced consultants the opportunity to build on their skillset that they will implement in current and new projects as the industries we serve, the technology, and the market are always changing. Therefore, Merino as a company must keep learning and keeping with the pace on these changes. Continuous learning is one of our core values, and we aim for continuous professional and personal growth. Merino Academy proves to be a valuable tool to increase employee satisfaction and ensures that our company provides the best service to our customers.


As an organization, we endeavor towards a culture where we are open and transparent and support our customers by sharing our knowledge. Offering training as a service helps us to connect, improve customer performance and become stronger as professionals.



Our mission at Merino Academy is to deliver the highest quality of training and services to create future consultants and future enterprises.