Merino Consulting Services BV is expanding its influence across Europe by opening its 5th office on the continent. With offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, and Austria, now the company is growing to the Nordic Region with a new location in Sweden.


Merino’s relationship with its clients has always been of great value, and thus offering excellent services for them requires being close to them to support and assist in the best way possible. hence, a new page in the Merino company history has begun.


The office is located in Norrköping city,  a modern and innovative working space at DOSPACE , designed to stimulate creativity and better performance in the employees as well as inspire and create a sense of belonging, social context, and enjoying the environment they are in.






New House, New Owner

The new office requires a new leader! Merino Consulting Services BV is proud to introduce its new Nordics Director, Marie Bergstrom, who will be in charge of leading our presence in the Nordic region. Marie has broad experience in working with operational development, IT, ERP, project management, and leadership in large companies in the manufacturing industry.


“As a leader, I believe in working as a team striving for common goals. I love to work with a combination of people, IT, operations, and business. I strive to make our workplace a happy place, to work innovatively in a structured way as well as to deliver great work with the highest quality. I look forward to working close to our customers and together building future enterprises to enable our customers’ businesses to evolve.”


Marie joined Merino as she wanted to work with truly passionate and professional colleagues to deliver top-class service while having an amazing working experience since Marie’s motto is always People 1st.