Merino Consulting Services BV is thrilled to announce the beginning of Merino Academy in our headquarters in Tilburg with a new group of young consultants.


In September 2022, the latest batch of three trainees entered the doors of our office, eager to explore the world of consultancy by learning from leading professionals in the industry. Now, on the 30th of January, Merino Academy welcomes five more enthusiastic and bright talents, who in the upcoming 3 months will map their professional path with Merino Consulting Services BV. 



Academy 2


Merino is very passionate about strengthening not only our employee’s but also our customers’ skills and knowledge. Merino Academy offers distinct training programs, each having different purposes and target groups. The first one is a traineeship for our newly joined employees who have no or little experience with enterprise software, consulting, and the industries Merino is in. Secondly, giving our experienced consultants the opportunity to build on the skillset that they will implement in current and new projects as the industries we serve, the technology, and the market are always changing.


Our mission at Merino Academy is to deliver the highest quality of training and services to create future consultants and future enterprises.