Case Study of Lankhorst Infor Mongoose mobile solution


“Always a guarantee of success to work with the professionals of Merino Consulting Services BV and Extreme Solutions partner” – Artur Ribeiro (IT Director at WireCo)


WireCo operates in the critical wire rope market, offering a range of products such as synthetic rope, wire, synthetic yarns, electromechanical cable, and engineered products. As a manufacturer and technical frontrunner in wire and synthetic rope production, the company adopts a consultative approach, providing customers reliable source for solutions that fit their specific application and budget needs.


WireCo, in collaboration with Extreme Solutions and Merino Consulting Services BV, has formulated a workflow process utilizing the Infor MONGOOSE development platform. This process is designed to facilitate the approval or rejection of Purchase Orders within the Infor LN platform, representing a standard functionality within the LN system.


However, to simplify the workflow process, the team has also developed a Mobile Interface to allow orders to be approved or rejected anywhere. This is a functional interface that interacts directly with the Infor LN DATABASE. Additionally, the Single Sign On (SSO) function was also implemented to simplify access. Therefore, the current Purchase Orders can be approved in the main List by the company, or inside the Order Details.


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Using the Infor Mongoose platform provides possibilities for further mobile applications development. For additional details about the solution or the services we provide, kindly send an email to

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