Ungoing changes

The industrial service industry has changed a lot in the last years and this evolution is not over yet. In upcoming years, the strategic importance of Business process automation will be growing. Specialized solutions for Enterprise Asset Management and Field Service management will play a major role.



Industrial services are also growing because many manufacturers are evolving int service companies.  Products are produced and not sold, but leased out and delivered as a service. This so called servitization not only requires the company to have the manufacturing processes up to date but also requires a new set of processes aimed at managing the service part of their new business models. This is a major challenge with a large impact on the company.


Workforce planning

For many services companies, effective workforce planning is a critical vulnerability. Especially with a large workforce driving many vans with supplies and specialized tools. Every day again, it’s an enormous puzzle to have the qualified engineer, with the right tools and supplies, at the customers’ worksite at the right time. Especially when every engineer has multiple stops in a day. This mathematical puzzle can only be solved with the best and smartest software in the market.


Augmented reality, AI, digital twins

New technologies will soon bring great efficiency gains to the service industry.  Augmented reality and remote assistance will improve the efficiency and the quality of the output of service engineers. Artificial intelligence can be used for vision applications and combined with digital twinning can lead to real predictive maintenance. But this success will only emerge when a strong backbone of business process automation is already implemented.


Future company

Whether you are a low price – high volume of in a high price – low volume services, many challenges are the same. The company with the best fit to deal with these challenges will be in the advantage. Merino Consulting Services BV can you create your future company.


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