Challenges in Construction and Infrastructure.

This dynamic landscape presents challenges for your business, particularly as the demand for meticulous project control intensifies due to narrow profit margins. However, amidst these complexities lie opportunities for enterprises capable of swift adaptation. The road to success in this ever-evolving industry requires not only resilience, but also the exceptional capabilities of a robust ERP system.


Embracing Sustainability: Shaping the Future of Construction and Infrastructure

In today’s evolving landscape, the pursuit of sustainability goals is transforming the construction and infrastructure industries. As society sets its sights on ambitious emission reduction targets, the impact reverberates across every facet of the sector. Existing and future buildings and infrastructure will undergo a profound transformation, aligning with a sustainable future.



The Energy Revolution: From Fossils to Renewables

Witness the sweeping transformation of energy infrastructure – a transition from fossil fuels to clean electricity and hydrogen. As grids expand to accommodate decentralized energy production, buildings are transformed  in renewable energy powerhouses that actively participate in the renewable energy ecosystem. They store, generate, and distribute energy, underpinned by intricate HVAC installations, guided by intelligent AI software.



Revolutionizing Business Models: Asset Life Cycle Servitization

The construction sector ushers in a groundbreaking revenue model – asset life cycle servitization. As asset owners opt to outsource maintenance throughout the entire life cycle, a transformative paradigm emerges. While global pioneers in comprehensive lifetime servitization contracts are scarce but evolving, we’re at the forefront. Evolving beyond facility and maintenance management, we present the future of full servitization.



Mastering Complexity: ERP Systems for Servitization,  ESG Reporting, AI Facilitation, and Meticulous Project Cost Control

In this exciting journey, ERP systems take center stage. Not as tools for ERP, EAM, and project management, they:


  • evolve into robust platforms capable of orchestrating long-term maintenance and service contracts,
  • Facilitate the use of Artificial Intelligence by providing one data-source
  • Help to comply with the growing data reporting directives
  • Are indispensable for optimizing Project Cost Control


At Merino Consulting Services BV, we stand ready to embrace these challenges to help construction and infrastructure companies seize the opportunities and shape a sustainable future with elaborate ERP software.


Join us on this transformative journey.