Like all industries, the automotive industry is evolving at a rapid pace, but there is no industry in which supply chains are so tightly related and the interdependencies are so strong. The mere existence of the automotive industry as it is today only could only be achieved through strong business process automation (ERP).


Industry specialists

Knowledge of ERP systems is very high in the automotive industry. Related companies communicate with automotive exchange software for maximum efficiency and ERP implementation programs are meeting the highest demands. Only the best consultancy firms can deliver to these standards. We claim to be one of them, and we are even growing stronger.

Smart Industry

Continuous improvement is the key for automotive industry as well as Merino Consulting Services BV.  There’s a never ending pressure on cost efficiency, quality management, lean production and agile operations.  And then there are the new challenges that come with Industry 4.0:  IoT, digital twinning, 5G and AI will bring a new industrial revolution.


Sustainability goals affect the automotive industry in many different ways. The market turns revolutionary towards EV and production methods have to meet new standards regarding reduction in emission of greenhouse gasses, reduction of energy consumption in the production process and the smart use of (rare) materials. with these objectives mind an ERP/EAM system has to be implemented or adapted. Most companies in the automotive industry are working on this for the last decade but now a new challenge emerges: circular economy, cradle-to-cradle. This call for re-manufacturing processes again will revolutionize the automotive industry.

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