Be ahead

Like no other, the Aerospace & Defense industry has to be ahead of the game, not only when it concerns to the increasing demands on product innovation and delivery. An increasing number of these demands has to be taken into consideration, like: Sustainability, net-zero aviation, rapid changes in air mobility, and a very volatile geopolitical landscape.


Discrete manufacturing

Your company needs specialized ERP-software for discrete manufacturing. Walking the most promising path means coping with the tensions between regulations, proven production methods and the need for innovation. Our business consultants enable you to offer your customers high-tech solutions in a competitive, cost-efficient and agile way. Because you can’t afford to be second best.

In addition, the aerospace and defense industry face major challenges in terms of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (M.R.O.). Through our years of experience in various industries, we are your partner to handle these challenges. The software we offer is very well-made up to these tasks. IFS has strong reputation in capital intensive industries like Aviation and Energy & Gas and Manufacturing, while InforLN is best in discrete manufacturing, like automotive and aircraft manufacturing.

Merino Consulting’s business consultants are eager to help you shape the automation processes of your company to grow your future enterprise!


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