Nedschroef is a global technology leader in metal forming, manufacturing parts, and machinery.


Established in 1894, Nedschroef has become a global enterprise with engineering expertise focusing on advancing industrial manufacturers throughout their supply chain, from design production to procurement and logistics. For the last two decades, the company conquered several industries such as automotive, aviation, and machinery as a valuable partner and collaborator for its customers.


The first company opened its doors in 1894 in the Netherlands focusing entirely on manufacturing rivets for the shipbuilding industry. Today, Nedschroef is a leading technology company specializing in the advanced mobility industry and a valuable asset for its stakeholders and positioning itself on the global market with companies in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, China, and the USA. However, they did not stop here but created a revolution in wire machinery parts, leading to becoming the first supplier of the newly developed HALO cockpit protection system that is mandatory in Formula 1 and Formula 2.


To support the management and development of Nedschroef, Merino Consulting Services BV was chosen as a preferable partner with excellent quality and delivery performance due to its expertise in automotive, aerospace, and defence industries as well as capabilities of serving customers on a global base by delivering world-class services and innovative product solutions, which secure the financial strength of the company.


With Merino Consulting Services BV, we have developed the Nedschroef Core Model with the Crown project consisting of the design of common processes and the configuration of a common applications platform for the Nedschroef group of companies. With the implementation of Infor LN, Nedschroef is supported in the best way possible, leading the business to growth and prosperity as well as supporting Nedschroef sites all over the world. There is, simply, no better solution than the one we got, and Merino Consulting Services BV has been an excellent partner for 4 years.


From Johan Nagel, PM Nedschroef