Lankhorst Euronete is a leading company in the synthetic ropes industry and Europe’s biggest manufacturer of fishing nets.


The company is a leading innovator and manufacturers of synthetic fiber ropes, industrial yarns, and engineered products. The roots of Royal Lankhorst Euronete reach back over 200 years, from a small rope and netting factory in Sneek, the Netherlands. Today, the company is a World leader in the processing and performance of synthetic materials for customers around the globe, with manufacturing units in Portugal, Brazil, France, USA and The Netherlands,  and has distribution centers in the UK, Denmark, Australia, etc.


In 2012 the Royal Lankhorst Euronete Group was acquired by WireCo WorldGroup Inc, a global leader in the production of wire rope, and electromechanical cable, and a major producer of wire products with headquarters in the USA. However, the company continued to expand its position with new products, innovations in manufacturing processes and materials and focusing on sustainability as a commitment to social and ethical policies.


The company aims to establish strong and lasting relationships with its customers by delivering high-quality products and services that meet the needs of the end-users in the industries they serve. To support its achievement of it, Merino Consulting Services BV was selected as the preferred partner because of Merino’s employees and knowledge.


“We have full trust in Merino’s consultants that work with us. That is why where they go, Lankhorst goes! Merino has proven to be professional with a successful implementation of several versions of Infor LN with no fail whatsoever. We will continue to rely on Merino in the future to move to the Cloud as well as for future planned financial and logistical updates”.


Artur Ribeiro – IT Manager of Lankhorst Euronete Portugal, part of WireCo WorldGroup.