Coficab is the global leader in the design, manufacturing, and sales of automotive cables and wires.

Since its creation in 1992, COFICAB has become a reliable partner for the top automotive wiring harness makers and most OEMs. With over 19% of the global market share, COFICAB is at the forefront of the global megatrends of E-mobility, Connectivity, Autonomous Driving, and Reduction of Weight and Space, and maintains its commitment toward sustainability-driven growth and innovation.


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Business goals

The first Coficab plant was built in Tunisia (Tunis) in 1992 to supply the local demand throughout the last 2 decades, Coficab expanded globally by constructing up to date production facilities in Portugal, Morocco, Romania, Tunisia, China, Mexico, and Honduras but did not end there, development went on and objectives were set:
– Program to establish 20 sites around the globe in 5 years: this meant 7 new factories (Greenfield) on 3 continents.

– Needed standardization and globalization – Redesign business processes for Global Operations and centralized guidance

– Improve transparency in business processes and use an economy of scale

– Growth and expansion
Preferred partner: Merino Consulting Services

To support the management of Coficab in achieving these goals Merino Consulting Services BV was selected as the preferred partner because of Merino’s knowledge of the automotive industry, flexibility, and international approach with a strong capability for localization while conforming to the set objectives
With Merino, we have developed and implemented a Core Model for the Coficab Business Worldwide. Based on Infor LN, the Coficab Platform supports our growing business with which we supply our cables to almost all OEMs in the world with a state-of-the-art JIT model. We believe there is no other solution that is flexible. Merino has been a strategic partner for 4 years now and the relationship only gets stronger.
Zied Fatnassi, CIO (member of the board)

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