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Welcome to the world of Merino Consultants of progress and change

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The consultants and project managers of Merino Consulting Services B.V. are continuously developing their skills, expanding their knowledge and learn about the developments within your industry to optimize our capability to implement business process automation, especially ERP software from Infor, at your sites.


Merino Consulting Services BV implements business process automation in international, multi-site companies all over the world. Based on our vast experience, we developed a project management and implementation methodology which helps us to be versatile, agile and thus successful in complex environments.


At Merino Consulting Services, we celebrate our clients’ successes. We reflect on these achievements, to learn from them and feel the joy so we can move on to the next challenge with full ambition.

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Merino Consulting Services

Welcome to game changers and scale-ups in the industrial sector. We help you to accelerate growth and seize business opportunities. The boardroom and shop floor of manufacturing and process industry. Industrial services and engineering are familiar territory for us.

We sharpen strategies through innovative thinking and shape new business models with knowledge of processes, people, IT and (new) technology. Merino Consulting Services leverages its extensive experience to add value to your business.

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